The City of Hawthorne is preparing a voluntary Noise Exposure Map update in accordance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 150 (14 CFR Part 150) for Hawthorne Municipal Airport.  The study is a cooperative effort between the City and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  This Noise Exposure Map update, which is funded through Airport funds and by a grant from the FAA, is designed to update noise exposure maps originally published in 2014 in conjunction with a 14 CFR Part 150 Study initiated in 2011 for the airport.  It is important to understand what this study does and does not do:

A Noise Exposure Map Update:

  • Identifies the current and projected annualized aircraft noise levels at Hawthorne Municipal Airport using the Community Equivalent Noise Level (CNEL) noise metric.
  • Identifies impacts on noise-sensitive land uses in the airport environs.

A Noise Exposure Map Update does not:

  • Evaluate strategies to reduce the noise impacts above 65 CNEL from aircraft operating to and from Hawthorne Municipal Airport.
  • Encourage future land uses which are compatible with aircraft noise, such as commercial or industrial in undeveloped areas.
  • Determine methods to reduce the adverse impacts of noise above 65 CNEL.
  • Establishes procedures to implement, review, and update the program.
  • Evaluate aircraft operations from other area airports.
  • Consider other types of impacts (air quality, accidents, etc.).
  • Use noise metrics other than CNEL to determine noise impacts.
  • Provide justification for airport expansion.

The study will include opportunities for input through Public Information Workshops.  This website will host project-related materials and announcements of public meetings during the study process.  For more information regarding the study, please contact Guido Fernandez ( Manager of Hawthorne Municipal Airport or David Fitz ( with Coffman Associates.